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Hats off...

Tuesday at GA2018…

Hats off to the three young people from Dornoch who entertained us before Assembly commenced, two on fiddle, one on accordion. Foot-tapping stuff, well done you three! As an accordionist myself, little did I think that one day the accordion would make it to the front of an Assembly!

Hats off to all women in ministry, past and present, as we celebrated 50 years since the decision of Assembly to ordain women. Onwards and upwards! Hands up for more reform? Come on Mod, you too!

Hats off to the Convener of the Ministries Council, Neil Glover. Whilst I personally don’t agree with everything (you won’t be surprised) that Ministries Council does, I have to say I thought he spoke with assurance and with confidence, and he knew his stuff! Good words, good vision, but now needs to be supported by practical action along new pathways.

Thanks also to Neil for agreeing with me on the floor of Assembly that the Ministries Council, given the mind of the Assembly to be more radical in our approach as a Church to the challenging present and future that lies before us, WILL also take a radical look at pathways into ministry and the whole “package” that we offer ministers, from training to retirement, in order to meet that brave new future! (see website kites for change – stipends – manses – new pathways into ministry).

Hats off to those who stayed to the bitter end, forgive me for this one occasion when I had to slip off slightly early!

Getting big spoon looked out for tomorrow, more radical suggestions for the Assembly!

Peace be with you!

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1 Comment

May 26, 2018

Robert, thanks for this. Is there any chance you could post the text of your speech on Monday as is like to use some tomorrow in my reflection ( we're looking at going out in faith and walking with others into the future).

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