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May's Deal

It’s difficult to be objective when you are an ardent Remainer or Brexiteer because you will always argue the case to remain or leave because that is what you want. Not being particularly politically minded, this Brexit process has produced way more questions than answers!

If we had a referendum and the majority voted to leave, why are we not leaving?

If we didn’t know the facts before we voted, should every politician involved since the referendum was initiated not put in their resignation because not one of them saw the mess that was coming?

If some politicians told fibs is this not standard practice – which party ever lives up to its manifesto?

If we have another referendum when do we stop having referendums?

Is it best of three referendums that is the agreed result?

If we have another referendum should it be the last ever because it seems that referendums mean nothing?

Should we in fact have a referendum on having referendums?

If we have another EU referendum that means that Scotland should have another referendum on independence should it not?

Are politicians who said Scotland should not have a second vote on independence but who now back a second EU referendum not be a little red-faced at their double standards?

What kind of club is it that you join but fellow members make it so difficult to leave?

When all 27 others agree this is a good deal, is it really a good deal?

When you leave the golf club as a member you don’t have to continue to chip in to the new bunker project do you?

If I want a game of golf at the old club I just pay the round fee and they welcome me doing so, yes?

Tell me there is not an enormous waste of money on the bureaucracy at the heart of the European Union?

If we ever leave the EU we are still European, right?

Since the majority vote in Scotland was to remain can we negotiate terms to get us to the European Championship Finals without the necessity of having to actually play football games beforehand?

If we ever leave the EU, can we still make pals with those who are open-minded enough to be pals?

If someone decides to leave the institutional Church does that mean they are no longer Christian, or do they become second-class Christians?

How come the Church of Scotland stayed neutral on the question of Scottish independence but we are pro-staying in the EU?

Can the Church tell us what the difference is between a European club and a United Kingdom club?

In both EU and Scottish referendums have we not been fed scaremongering facts on all sides rather than have proper grown-up debates?

If Scotland ever becomes independent can we please use Kevin Bridge’s suggestion of “the smackeroonie” as our currency?

Has the dreadful mess of Brexit not given every politician on every side and every party an excuse to ramp up political point scoring?

Does anyone feel a tad sorry for Theresa May?

Does the spread of the Christian faith, and indeed any good relations, depend upon unions, clubs, deals and economies, or is it about accepting one another as equals and fellow human beings across the globe made in the image of God?

Whilst injustice and poverty continue in our world isn’t it so sad how our whole news for years has been overrun by Brexit?

Should Theresa have modelled her plan upon the successfully run supermarket meal deal?

If radical means radical, then what kind of May Deal will we be getting at the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland this year, or should we have a second vote on whether or not we want to be radical?

You can’t have your cake and eat it, can you?

With whatever consequences, good or bad or mixed bag, we have made decisions in our country and in our Church that mean the landscape has changed whether we like it or not, true?

Is the Church going to show us how an orderly exit from the past can be done with cause for optimism?

By the way, I voted to remain!

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